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Church of Scientology of New York

I mentioned the Church of Scientology of New York once before, but due to the amount of work put into this particular building by Scientology volunteers, and people throughout the community, it bears some further detail that could be given.

After the new building was opened, in a large grand opening celebration with community leaders, dignitaries, as well as Keynote Speaker Mr. David Miscavige, the organization reached out into the community with well-known Stress Test tables – getting people information on the monumental L. Ron Hubbard text on the mind, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

After seeing the various displays on Scientology integrated into the new building, people have been bringing their friends in in droves to find out what Scientology is all about.


One comment on “Church of Scientology of New York

  1. amulya
    July 28, 2007

    Dear Brother in christ ,

    My heartfelt and most loving greetings to you in the wonderful name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. His richest blessings shall be upon forever.

    I am Sis. A. A.Amulya from penumarru a small village on the costal belt of “bay of Bengal”. I found your e-mail address from Internet searching. Now I am narrating you about my present day services in India. I came from a devotee gospel family. I got brought-up under good Christian culture. I studied up to graduation. I never temp for a better job. As per the precious call of Him, I surrendered my self to Him. I prepared to work to gospel. Now I am serving the Lord at my native place. We got number of far corners. Now days I laid my stress on the outreach gospel which aimed on Hindu community. By our regular prayers, number of Hindu people is coming –up towards our Lord Jesus and they are confessing before Him in all of their previous sins. They are getting away to their idol worship, and praising Him as their real savior. And they are baptizing too it is one kind of blessings for us. You kindly pray about our outreach gospel in order to expend the span of our task. Further I request you to assist us on our exact needs on outreach gospel.

    And I am running one orphanage for the welfare of 30 helps orphan children. Once they suffered a lot at their basic conditions. They are going to be called as street boys young rashkels, and pousin. In India every body shall utilized of their services, but no-body could noticed them. Really they in great depressed conditions. I pitied at their existing conditions. I prepared to host such helpless children through on orphanage. Thus I started of our orphanage, now our orphan children are growing on perfect healthy conditions. They are going to their school regular by adapting very good habits under Christian background. I believe they should become as God servants in future. By such pious target I am train-up them regulary. You kindly bless them on such aspect. Now days I am facing very miserable conditions in meeting of our required monthly budget on our orphanage. I totally depended upon our local contributions only. But now it became very problem for us to attain such local funds. And it is fact to you that any organization based on Christian faith may be able to acquire of its necessary grants in India . Here Christians are in minority, and they can’t achieve of their targets with the funds in India . Under this background I am in need of your kind help from the outside of our country. You kindly look into our present day needs. You kindly call on the attention of our people, friends, and intimates among our exact needs. I hope that you may kindly encourage me on our needs. Further I am running one Christian library, which is covering the scriptural needs of our local people. On this regarded we need more bibles, books on scriptures and some furniture. Now I am praying to our God on our arising needs. And I am doing one relief task for the destitute people like widows and aged persons. For such helpless people I am doing one relief task on every Sunday. On that day I shall host 50 destitute people by providing them food. As a whole these are my present day activities. I need of your kind co-operation among all of our tasks. Basically I want your good fellowship. I need of your regular prayers. You kindly be in regular touch us write to me with your valuables suggestions. Here our church people and our co-pastors are greeting you obedient way.

    My best wishes to you and to Church cc. I shall wait at your prayerful reply. Thanking you in His precious name.


    Sister A.Amulya
    w/o A.RAMARAO
    Orphanage Home
    penumarru-522 256
    Guntur Diat.,A.P
    South India

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