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Church of Scientology of Buffalo – A Historic Landmark in the City

I’ve earlier posted on the Church of Scientology of Buffalo, and its newly-renovated building that I was priviliged to be at the grand opening of.

Just in trolling around the web recenty, I found an article on the architectural history of Buffalo specifically mentioning the Church of Scientology’s building on Main Street. Having been there, I definitely thought it quite interesting as there is a ton of absolutely stunning architecture in the area, and I thought it very fitting indeed that the Church was mentioned in this.

It was an immense team of Scientologists from all around the world that made this happen, with people flying in from all parts of the Eastern and Western united states, and as far afield as Hungary.  It was really a test to show that an ideal, perfect Scientology organization could be put together anywhere – and which has inspired many other organizations to do similarly.

Other Grand Openings:


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This entry was posted on November 14, 2006 by in David Miscavige, Ideal Orgs, Scientology, Scientology Churches.
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