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Sidewalk Sam honored by Boston Human Rights office

The Church of Scientology of Boston has produced this as an neat product:

When the Boston chapter of Youth for Human Rights International(YHRI) had to chose someone to award as a human rights hero there wassimply no competition. The only logical choice was the man whopersonifies “Freedom of Expression” — and that’s “Sidewalk Sam.”

“Sam,” whose real name is Robert Guillemin,is not only a fine artist in his own right, but he has taken it onhimself to enrich the lives of fellow Bostonians through “Art StreetInc.,” a non-profit organization that use art as a catalyst to bringpeople together in support of community issues.

As Guillemin describes it on his website,”I chose to bring art to the street and into daily life. I lovecrouching on the sidewalk, kneeling at the feet of people and havingart look up to us for a change. I want art to serve people as anatural part of everyday life. I think art should bring people closerto each other and inspire people to a better vision of society.”

His web site goes on to describe his unique views and activities in these terms:

“Using the streets as a canvas, SidewalkSam has rallied people around solutions to social problems, addressingissues like poverty, diversity, children and family and theenvironment. Now in a wheelchair, Sidewalk Sam still thinks big. Heorganizes large events where lots of people come together and createbig artworks to show their common spirit. ‘I love to get peopleinvolved with each other’, he says. ‘Art can bring society together.’He adds, ‘Everything in modern life is so depersonalized — I’m justtrying to personalize it a little.'”

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