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Church of Scientology Melbourne Sends VM’s to Fight Fires

Australian Scientology Volunteer Minsiters
continue to help the fire fighters in Victoria, where 11 bushfires have burned out more than 1600 square miles (4200 square km) in the state’s northeast. Dry undergrowth from the worst drought experienced in Australia in over a century has contributed to the problem, and with Christmas fast approaching, there is no immediate end in site.

The Australia Institute, an independent think tank, warns that the virulence of these fires comes from climate change, which it warns will “significantly raise the fire danger in
Australia” over the long term.

“Last night the firemen didn’t get off shift until really late because the weather was causing the fire to change direction,” said one of the Volunteer Ministers on the ground.
“They were dog tired. We helped some of them with assists*, and serve them meals and cleaned up afterwards.

“The wind changed and strengthened today and blew the fire towards Heyfield township and the town was put on High Alert, which means they had to decide whether to leave or stay and wait it out,” She went on to say. “They decided to stay. It was as dark
as night and the air was full of ash, plus there was danger of being
injured by embers. So people were advised to stay indoors.”

To help ease the isolation, the Volunteer Ministers have been visiting the businesses and households in the area to find out what help they need, and to make sure they get any supplies or assistance to get them through this disaster.

To contribute to this relief effort, either by volunteering your time or helping to support the volunteers
in the fire zone, contact the Volunteer Ministers Coordinator at the Church of Scientology of Melbourne at or the Volunteer Ministers Coordinator International at

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