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Governor of affected Philippines Area needs VM Help

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology Mission in Manila recently met with the governor of the affected area in the Philippines, to find out what he needed and provide help to the people of his area. 

One of the primary ways that Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been providing help is via Scientology Assists. 

Scientology Assist technology can produce products routinely that
many might consider “miracles”. To the average Scientology Volunteer
Minister though, this is all part of the normal day’s work.

Two Scientology Volunteer Ministers giving assists to children in the evacuation center.

There have been so many miracle stories that have come in from the Scientology Volunteer Minister activities in the Philippines.

young girls they helped were devastated. Having lost both parents in
the typhoon, they were overwhelmed with grief. They calmed down,
stopped crying and both of them experienced some relief. Nothing the Volunteer Minister
could do would bring their parents back, but at least they could now
get on with their own lives, and start caring for themselves and each

In another room the volunteers
helped a whole family that seemed to have given up after their home was
destroyed. It started with an assist to a woman who was clearly very
sad. She was lying listlessly on a mattress on the floor, and told the
volunteer she felt very lonely. After her assist she got off the floor
and started watching the volunteer as he gave an assist to a little
girl nearby. She was so interested that he asked her if she wanted to
learn how to do this too. She was very emphatic when she said she did,
because the child the volunteer had just helped was now giggling and
smiling. And that child was her daughter. The volunteer then taught the
mother and daughter how to use this technique and the daughter gave an
assist to her father. When she began the assist, her father was lying
down and said he couldn’t move. But after his assist he felt much more
energetic and he got up to prove it!

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