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Feedback from Press on new Scientology Church in Germany

Found this on a German News source.  With their history of manipulating media to give a bad light to groups that don’t run with the Power Elite and vested interests, it’s interesting to me that they let the great feedback from the opening sift through:

“I think that Scientology has some very interesting aims: a world
without insanity, war and criminals. I see Scientologists helping in
large numbers
at places like Ground Zero or after Katrina and
volunteering at my aunt’s retirement home in Berlin. I think they’re
not liked because they attack psychiatrists and drug companies and seem
to have solutions for making people feel better without medication.
That would cut into a lot of pockets. The other thing I learned from
the volunteers I met in Berlin is that they believe in God; you can
keep your religious beliefs and still benefit from their lessons. It
may take a while for the older people to learn tolerance of other
beliefs, but a new big church available to people in Berlin can only
bring more hope for a tolerant future for all.”

“German paranoia about Scientology strikes me as far more dangerous than
any of the nebulous accusations made against the organization. In fact,
one has to wonder who is more “undemocratic” here: the accuser or the
accused? Secret surveillance by state police should make any German
nervous. The country simply carries too much historical baggage from
extremism on both the right and the left.”
R.E. Carnarius, US

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