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First Berlin. Now will the Church of Scientology be Opening Additional Churches in Boston?

The new Church in Berlin is a reflection of the world scope
of Scientology today, which comprises more than 7,500 churches,
missions and groups across 163 nations.

On January 13th, the new Church of Scientology of Berlin opened its doors in Charlottenburg in western Berlin, to over 5000 church members. The new Scientology Church in
Berlin, announced by Scientology leader Mr. David Miscavige at the Scientology New Year Celebration, is a reflection of the world scope of Scientology today, which
comprises more than 7,500 churches, missions and groups across 163
nations. Each is dedicated to achieving the Aims of Scientology
including a world without war, without insanity and without
criminality, where the able may prosper and all are free to rise to
greater heights. Internationally, 1,500 new churches, missions and
groups opened in the past year, and growth in the past five years has
exceeded the previous five decades combined.” Said the Berlin Church’s
president, Sabine Weber. “Our doors are open to you – to everyone. We
want you to find out for yourself who we really are. We want you to
find out for yourself what we really do.”

Thousands of
Scientologists, friends from Germany, across Europe and even parishioners
from Boston visited the new Church on its opening day, including world
famous jazz artist, Chick Corea, originally from Chelsea, MA. Guest
speakers welcoming the Church to its new home in Berlin included Mr.
Bernhard Stitz, a 30-year police officer; Professor Jurgen Redhardt,
Professor emeritus at Giessen University; Dr. Hubertus Mynarek,
theologian and sociologist; and Mr. Almog Burstin, joining the event
from Israel, a founding member of the European Foundation for Human
Rights and Tolerance.

Other new Scientology Churches recently opened include London, Madrid,
New York, San Francisco and Johannesburg. Similar new churches are
under construction and scheduled for completion in 2007 in Belgium,
Italy, Denmark, Australia and Taiwan, as well as other planned churches announced by Mr. Miscavige such as the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C..

Rev. Gerard Renna, Human Rights Advocate and President of the Church of
Scientology of Boston
was interviewed and asked if there were plans to
expand the Boston facilities he said “ It is inevitable that a world-class city like Boston will be part of the rapid expansion and
international interest in Scientology”. Rev. Renna made no further
comment other than to say, “The Church of Scientology of Boston is
working to accommodate this overwhelming international interest and
expansion of Scientology.”

About Church of Scientology – Boston

Scientology addresses man as a spiritual being and gives people tools
they can apply to their lives to improve conditions. Among these are
the techniques for alleviating spiritual trauma contained in the book
Dianetics, by L. Ron Hubbard.

Community Programs include: “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” Campaign
Human Rights Programs including Youth for Human Rights Interantional
Scientology Volunteer Ministry serving the inner-city of Boston to the
Boston volunteers who have traveled the world to assist in disaster


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