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Church of Scientology Sydney Helping Sydney Drug Problem

What do you do when you know drugs are a one-way street down, and yourfriends are taking them? That was the dilemma facing Rama, a teenagerfrom Sydney. “All drugs lead to one place. Nowhere,” said Rama, who hadalready been through it — ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana — all before hewas 18 years old.

Rama counts himself as one of the lucky ones. Because he got help when he needed it.

Things were going downhill at breakneckspeed when a friend of his, a Scientologist, saw Rama was in trouble.His friend told Rama about a program sponsored by the Church of Scientology of Sydney,called the Drug Free Ambassadors and handed him a set of booklets aboutdrugs. The Drug Free Ambassadors and their American counterpart, theDrug Free Marshals, created by the Church of Scientology International13 years ago, have chapters throughout Australia and New Zealand andaround the world.

The booklets Rama read are very special.They were created by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, and they arewritten for young people giving them the truth about the most commonlyabused street and prescription drugs. What makes these booklets uniqueand effective is that they are easy to understand and they’re factual.With peer pressure pushing kids to take drugs, these booklets arm kidsagainst the false propaganda, giving them information they need to makeeducated and responsible choices about drugs.

Once he decided to quit taking drugs,Rama wanted to get through to his friends who were still using them.And he wanted to reach out to kids throughout Sydney to help them avoidgetting into drugs in the first place.

Picture of the Sydney Church of Scientology

Cyrus Brooks, the spokesman for theDrug-Free Ambassadors of Sydney, was full of praise for the teenager.”Rama is very gung-ho. And he knows what he’s talking about,” saidBrooks. “He wants to make sure other kids don’t fall into the same traphe was in.”

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