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Scientology in Portland, Oregon

Scientology Portland

Here’s the next one in my series of Scientology organizations — this one in Portland, Oregon.  First gaining prominence in the Church of Scientology’s landmark crusade which happened in Portland in 1985 to gain religious recognition, the Church’s parishionership has grown considerably since then.  The world’s most notable school which uses L. Ron Hubbard‘s study technology is located near Portland, in Sheridan (the Delphian School).   There are also large companies affiliated with WISE which use Mr. Hubbard’s administrative technology to better the businesses in the Portland area.

Portland’s Scientology Volunteer Ministers are also quite active, and was where I first tried my hand as a Volunteer Minister, following floods which occured in Lake Oswego.

Contact the Church of Scientology of Portland here.

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4 comments on “Scientology in Portland, Oregon

  1. Due to unforseen events, i need to gather some info from the past. i apoligise for any and all inconviences that this will most likly be. and at the same time, i am most and humbly gratefull. i used to be employed with you for a very short time back in the 80`s in portland oregon. i need to abtain any and all info relating to that. i than-y9ou again and ask that you pleasre call me if you have any questions this is urgent. sorry for the trouble. again thank-you.

  2. Maritza V. Encinas
    July 18, 2010

    I have a question regarding a Member of Scientology. I would like to speak to someone at the Institute about this for insight. Please email me, thank you.

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