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Church of Scientology of St. Louis

 This is another Church of Scientology that I’ve spent some time at — the Church of Scientology of Saint Louis.  It currently occupies a former Freemasons building in University City, which is a few miles from downtown St. Louis.

St. Louis Org

From the Google Earth photo above, you can sort of see the 3D skyline of downtown St. Louis in the distance.  So that you’d be able to get a better perspective, I rotated it, centered on downtown, as well:

St. Louis Org - From the City

There’s a little yellow dot that you can see in the background of this photo (with nicely-modled versions of the St. Louis Gateway Arch and Busch Stadium and such).  That dot is the Scientology Church, which is right next to Blueberry Hill and some other pretty jammin areas of town.

I was there last for the Scientology New Year celebration in 1998, when I worked out in the midwest.  I ended up getting stranded there for 5 days, as we had the worst 2-day snowfall in midwest history on that day, and I happened to be driving a 1993 Mazda RX-7 Twin-Turbo — which is probably the worst car in the world for snow.

In any case, the org there is beautiful, and has the unfortunate circumstance for being too small for all of the various Scientology activities the organization finds itself into.  Right up the river, there’s Applied Scholastics Spanish Lake campus, which is the emanation point for L. Ron Hubbard‘s study technology worldwide.  There is also a host of other Scientology activities in the area, and as such the Church there can get pretty busy.  Contact them if you want to arrange a visit!



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