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New Ideal Scientology Church for Valencia, Venezuela

An absolutely stunning new Church of Scientology is soon to grace Valencia, Venezuela, where the largest Scientology Church in South America has been experiencing such continuous expansion that they need a new space.

The Valencia Church was proclaimed in 2004 as having achieved what’s known as “Saint Hill Size”, which is where a Scientology church reaches the size and scope of influence of the Scientology Church in England where founder L. Ron Hubbard directly managed the organization in the mid-1960’s.

This distinction was explained in importance by the Mayor of Buffalo, when an Ideal Church of Scientology opened in his city – a grand opening also attended by Scientology leader, Mr. David Miscavige.

Through dedicated work with the community, including groundbreaking campaigns with The Way to Happiness to quell local violence, the Church in Venezuela has more than deserved a new building and will shortly have even that filled to capacity.


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12 comments on “New Ideal Scientology Church for Valencia, Venezuela

  1. grahamesd
    June 12, 2007

    Great data and a great shot of the new Church. Are you going to do an article about the new Ideal Org Building in Sunderland, England?

  2. jetteroheller
    June 13, 2007

    I was trying to work out which one I wanted to do next. Sunderland has a stunning building that was shown to us all at L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday, which I know the staff and public there are busy working on.

    I’ll fire that one up next.

  3. ppedersen
    June 13, 2007

    Wow. I can hardly keep up. It seems like everytime I check around a bit there is some new hot building going up, being designed, purchased, etc. Quite exciting.

  4. grahamesd
    June 13, 2007

    Thanks for posting the article about the new Sunderland and Newcastle Church of Scientology!

  5. jetteroheller
    June 14, 2007

    No problem. I already had that photo of the Scientology church in Sunderland, was waiting a bit before I posted on it. There are so many areas of England which are much like the ‘rust belt’ here in the U.S. — where industry used to flourish, but now people are without enough productive work to keep them going and purposefully employed. That’s one of the major effects a church like this can have though — to start rehabilitating leaders and making people who can give a damn and turn a place like that around.

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  7. kevin
    December 30, 2008

    dear sir or madam
    my name is kevi nataniel i am living in caracas venezuela in a center i wish to joing wth with church of scientology iam a refegees from republi democratic of congo i need to learn more about all services of church and prevevent violence please what i have to do to get in touch with you
    thanks iam waiting respond from you
    its me sincery kevin

  8. Susana Wagner
    February 9, 2009

    quisiera que este mail se retransmita a Rosmary o al D of P Carlos Montiel. Hoy intenté hablar con ella a la mañana, pero la comunicación se cortaba.
    Ayer había llamado por TE para solicitarle, por recomendación de David Gonzalez, de Flag, que mi folder de PC lo tengan ustedes. Estoy teniendo constantemente trabas en la Org de Bue, y puestas inicialmente por el DSA, Gustavo Libardi. Ya están hechos los reportes desde hace tiempo. Ahora desde Los Ángeles Verónica Montalvaro lo activa ante el Juez de Justicia Continental. Mientras tanto, deseo que ustedes obtengan mi folder, lo vean, y me digan cuantos intensivos necesito hacer para sacarme de encima la pérdida del que fuera mi marido. Juntaré el dinero necesario, más el que está en mi cuenta y me iré a auditar a vuestro país.
    Gracias por su comprensión y ayuda.
    Susi Wagner

      April 5, 2012

      gostaria de ter o email do IZAEL DE SOUZA NUNES E POSS

  9. Susana Wagner
    February 9, 2009

    Me podrían pasar la dirección de mail de Rosmary? Gracias. Otra forma de comunicarme con ustedes, cual sería, vía mail?

  10. jan Faria
    October 25, 2010

    Me gustaria ser auditada en tu Org. Puedes por favor
    passar me el telefono FIJO de la Org.?
    Por favor NO cellular pues NO puedo conectarme con cellulares, solo telefonos fijos.
    Muchas gracias,
    Jan Faria

  11. charles
    August 8, 2011

    good day,
    pls. am new in venezuela, currently staying at margarita in search of a centre. you can pass information to me through my mail id
    thanks and be cool!


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