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Über Scientology auf Deutsch erlernen

All of the hubub about Tom Cruise en Deutschland with his making of the movie Valkyrie has generated waves of people trying to find out what Scientology is.  Odd, seeing as though the film has nothing whatever to do with Scientology, but it doesn’t matter — Mr. Cruise and the religion are inextricably related, and as such people will have questions whenever his name is mentioned.

In Berlin, to meet the demand for knowledge of Scientology, the massive Church of Scientology which was opened in January of this year is now selling German Scientology books on the Internet.  These are the new Scientology Basics by L. Ron Hubbard, released by Mr. David Miscavige in July of this year.

For a beginners’s introduction to Scientology, the best book to start with is Problems of Work (Die Probleme der Arbeit, en Deutsch).  Other titles are available as well, including Dianetics (Dianetik),  and Scientology: Fundamentals of Thought (Scientology: Die Grundlagen des Denkens). 

Each are also available with Extension Courses  you can do in that Church.

These are also avaliable in other German Churches as well, such as the Church of Scientology in Munich.

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