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Scientology in Dublin, Ireland — Personnel Efficiency & the Solution to Poverty

Scientology in Dublin, Ireland

Scientology in Dublin, Ireland -- where L. Ron Hubbard originally developed the Personnel Efficiency Course, so as to improve the prosperity and worth of the working individual.

As a part of Blog Action Day, I found it fit to mention our Church of Scientology in Dublin, Ireland.   As the theme of this Blog Action day is poverty, it’s only fitting to bring up the location where L. Ron Hubbard developed and delivered the Personnel Efficiency course — a course designed to take the average working man or woman, and immediately increase their ability to communicate and be effective in their work place or their home.

Based around many of the simplicities you find in the Scientology beginning book, The Problems of Work: Scientology Applied to the Workaday World, this course made use of testing and simple basics of communication, confusion and the stable datum, and the tone scale to raise anyone’s effectiveness and happiness in their daily work.

The Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin continues this tradition, offering all of the basic services of Scientology to the people of Dublin.  Get directions to Scientology Churches in Ireland here.

I bring this up as part of the Blog Action Day theme, as whilst the answer to poverty does in some cases involve the bringing of aid and donation of money and goods to those in need, it is many times more effective in the long run to increse the effectiveness, productivity and purpose of the individual himself — as that then opens the door to a long-term handling of poverty.  Learning to organize, to educate, and to find something useful for his fellow man to do and to get them to it — this in itself is a much more real and lasting solution to poverty.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers of West Bengal, India provided seminars to some of the Santhal tribes in the neighboring state of Bihar.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers of West Bengal, India provided seminars to some of the Santhal tribes in the neighboring state of Bihar.

So, it’s this technology that I would most rather see applied to be able to overcome the troubles that affect poverty-stricken nations.  In many cases a full solution to their problems will start with a number of people getting themselves trained up on technology like you see being made available for free at the Scientology Volunteer Ministers On-Line Training center, where one can learn to be more effective, efficient, and a faster learner, and at no cost at all.

But the bottom line, is that springing from our center in Dublin is a technology that — if applied — can result in solutions to poverty for anyone.

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One comment on “Scientology in Dublin, Ireland — Personnel Efficiency & the Solution to Poverty

  1. ppedersen
    October 15, 2008

    Study technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard is definitely an actual solution to increasing the abilities and knowledge of all people of all races. With increased knowledge comes about a greater ability to do and gives everyone an opportunity to make it in this world. Thanks for your post.

    On the Scientology Video Channel, there is a video called: “Applied Scholastics: Answers for Better Education and Literacy” which I think also contains important data.

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