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2008 Scientology & Dianetics Holiday Catalog

"The gift that you personally can give has the potential of changing this whole civilization in every land."

"The gift that you personally can give has the potential of changing this whole civilization in every land." - L. Ron Hubbard

The Golden Age of Knowledge marked a turning point in Scientology history.

Since the release of L. Ron Hubbard’s Basics Books and Lectures, the world of Scientology has changed forever. Scientologists the world over are achieving full conceptual understanding of the truths about the mind, spirit and life—the very foundation of Scientology.

Equally significant are the Congresses—LRH events and his announcements of the technical breakthroughs that formed the next milestones in building The Bridge for
all to travel.

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In celebration of the Golden Age of Knowledge for Eternity, this year’s catalog includes special holiday packages, so you can bring the gift of Source to yourself, your family, friends and associates. Within these pages are materials you need for your journey on the road to truth. From the spectacular editions of the Beginning Books and Audiobooks through The Basics and Congresses, these LRH truths have inspired, enlightened and changed the lives of millions.

This holiday season, give yourself and those you care about the gift of Source, a gift that will last through eternity.

FREE GIFTS & HOLIDAY SPECIALS: To make it possible for anyone to take advantage of the Golden Age of Knowledge Basics, Beginning Books or LRH Congresses, incredible Holiday Specials are being offered. Have a look!

Free Scientology Materials Guide Chart

Free Scientology Materials Guide Chart: Your Guide to the materials, now available on-line, or get a poster-size chart free.

IN AS MANY AS 50 LANGUAGES: Great gift ideas abound in the new site, with the Introduction to Scientology on DVD available in 50 languages, and all of the Classics lectures available on-line for the first time ever.


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