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Und jetzt … ein Scientology-Buchhandlung in Berlin!

No, I don’t speak German.  But approximately 100 million people around the world do, and is high time that they could find out about Scientology by browsing their on-line Scientology Materials Guide Chart, and getting their first book in Scientology to answer the burning question that’s all over the media — i.e., “Was ist Scientology?

Die neue Buchhandlung der Scientology Kirche von Berlin!

Die neue Buchhandlung der Scientology Kirche von Berlin!

There has been an immense amount of public reach and interest on Scientology ever since the new Church of Scientology of Berlin opened its doors in January 2007.     The Church itself ended up expanding by a factor of over 5 times, in terms of staffing, to handle the inflow of public wanting to get involved in Scientology.

But as impressive as the new Church is in Berlin, the best wasy to find out what Scientology is and how it can help, is through the pages of a book.  That way, you’re not dealing with anyone’s interpretation of the religion, but you are instead allowed to just sit on your own and formulate your own thoughts and conclusions about it.


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