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Scientology in Kurdish Iraq

I just got this story in my e-mail from the Scientology International Library Campaign.  It’s from someone who has been working to get Scientology & Dianetics books into all of the libraries of Earth:

Several days ago I picked up a scribbled handwritten message from our Receptionist. This message mentioned that a person wanted to buy a book from our company. On the note was a long phone number — and from a glance at it, it was not from the U.S.

I sat down and called the number and it sounded like I was calling some number in a VERY far away land. A person picked up the phone and did not say anything. I heard a language I did not recognize in the background – one I had never heard before. Then suddenly a strong “hello” came across the line.

Library in Kurdish Iraq

Library in Kurdish Iraq

I told him who I was and where I was calling from. He replied in broken English that he wanted to buy one of our paperback books. He and his wife had saved up enough funds for the past 3 weeks to come up with $15. Mysteriously he mentioned to me that he had read “The Secret Book”. Politely I asked him if it was a Dianetics book or a Scientology book. He replied that it was the first book I had mentioned. He continued to say that it completely changed his life and he wanted to tell his family and friends about it. In a roundabout fashion, he told me he had “gotten it from some friends”. He told me that he was in Iraq and that he was Kurdish.

I found out that he is a professor in a University in Sulaimanyah and wants to teach Dianetics and Scientology to his students.

I asked him, “Would it be okay with you if I sent you donations of the 18 hardcover books for your University library?” He had a 15 second comm lag and replied, “Are you fooling me?” To this I replied “No, I am not. I will send you donations if it is safe for you to have them.”

Once again he comm lagged for another 15 seconds and then said “If you did this, you would make me the happiest man on Earth!”

Weeks later I received a reply from Brwa Qadir Saeed (the name of the public) and his reply is as follows:

Studying the Scientology & Dianetics Basics in a Library in Kurdish Iraq

Studying the Scientology & Dianetics Basics in a Library in Kurdish Iraq

“Thank you very much for your assistance and I will be in very high spirits if I could help you with anything please. Your help is the best thing which has happened to my life and thank you again, and I don’t know what I could say to give my appreciation for your help. Thank you very much again, and I will let you know if I need anything.”

This is the very first reach for Dianetics and Scientology we have ever received from this area of the world — Northeast Iraq.

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4 comments on “Scientology in Kurdish Iraq

  1. Marlyse Comte
    September 5, 2009

    This is WONDERFUL!

  2. Brwa Saeed Qadir
    December 27, 2009

    I have do the donation from Scientology to my University but I have some thing to make clear about that I dont have Wife and I am not Professor us a mentionted in the Article is should be there is miss understanding here please.
    With best Regards

  3. Brwa saeed QADIR
    September 19, 2014

    Hi every one in scientologiest I love all of all over the world please I want to tell you that that those 18 cover book change my mind for very very better person and make all my family and my friend join me I like you so much Scientology and of course Lon Ron harberd , now I have my own company and I am so happy and so so much scussiful in my work thank you again

    • turbotad
      November 7, 2014

      Brwa – thank you so much for your comment! It definitely makes me happy to see that you’ve used this to positively affect your life.

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