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Another Achieves State of Clear at new Founding Church of Scientology

I stopped in to the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C. yesterday, and happened to arrive just in time for a real treat – someone had just achieved the State of Clear and was being announced in the new Chapel!


The chapel was totally packed with students and staff, and the individual announced gave a great speech, highlighting the fact that in just his short time in Scientology he was able to address such a massive host of problems that had been plaguing his life earlier – and that recommending solutions for friends is dead simple:  just bring them into the church, as you’ll know they’ll be able to be handled!

Ever since the opening of the new Washington D.C. Church, there have been ever-increasing streams of good news and good works pouring out of this building – including, of late, quite a bit of help to get volunteers to Haiti to help with the disaster there.


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