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New Church of Scientology and Scientology Info Center Opened in Seattle

03 seattle-scientology-grand-opening The Church of Scientology of Seattle, Washington celebrated the Grand Opening today of two new buildings – a fantastic new main church building to house all main Scientology services for the Seattle area, as well as a new Seattle Scientology Life Improvement Center near Pikes Place to introduce people new to the Scientology Religion.

As an area rich in Scientology history, it’s only fitting that the area be endowed with some of the most beautiful and functional Churches anywhere, designed from the ground up to also be green and energy efficient, as well as a comfortable home to the many Scientologists that call Seattle home.


Duwamish Tribal Chairman Cecile Hansen, descendant of Chief Seattle after whom the city was named, and other First People of the Northwest, performed a centuries-old traditional ceremony welcoming the Church of Scientology of Washington to its new home in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood.



Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center and ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, dedicated the new Church of Scientology of Washington at 300 West Harrison Street on July 24, 2010. "In opening the seventh new Scientology Church this year (2010) and the third this month (July), he said: “You are part of a movement. Moreover, it is a movement that is all-embracive, all-inclusive and all about ensuring no one falls between the cracks.  Because when you possess a technology capable of restoring the infinite goodness in every human being, then every life becomes immeasurably precious.”


The new Church of Scientology of Washington, located in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, serving parishioners throughout the Northwest.



The Reception area of the new Church of Scientology of Washington, dedicated July 24, 2010, in ceremonies attended by Scientologists and guests from across the Northwest.


19-scientology-seattle-church-chapel_0 The Chapel of the new Church of Scientology of Washington, where Sunday services, weddings, naming ceremonies and other congregational gatherings are held.



L. Ron Hubbard Office: Every Church of Scientology includes an office for L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Dianetics and Scientology, as both a sign of respect and in representation that the Church remains true to his teachings of the religion.   This couldn’t be more important in an area such as this, as rich in both Scientology history, and in the life of Mr. Hubbard himself.  



The Life Improvement Center of the Church of Scientology of Washington offers Dianetics and Scientology introductory courses and counseling. To make these services easily accessible to all in the community,  the Center is located adjacent to the century-old Pike Place Market Historic District, known as the Soul of Seattle.


2 comments on “New Church of Scientology and Scientology Info Center Opened in Seattle

  1. KZLA19
    July 28, 2010

    Love it! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

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