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New Melbourne Church on the Way for one of Scientology’s Oldest Communities

image One of the Scientology religion’s oldest communities, with its roots dating back to 1955, Melbourne Scientologists are getting ready to open a massive new Church to house their religious and social betterment activities. 

Their new premises in the Ascot Vale neighborhood, set to open in the coming months, is currently under renovations and represents a massive increase in capacity and facilities for the burgeoning Scientology community in Melbourne, and the first of a new breed of Ideal Scientology organizations for Australia.

Melbourne: A Rich Scientology History

imageMelbourne’s Scientology presence was first established in 1955, growing out of several smaller Scientology and Dianetics groups that had sprung up around Melbourne.

At this point in time, the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International (HASI), was headquartered on Spring Street, in Melbourne, directly across the road from the Victorian Parliament building.

The first gathering of Australian Scientologists was held later in 1955. This was a milestone as the first large scale organized meeting of Scientologists from all over Australia. And it was only the beginning of one of the largest Scientology Churches across the planet at that time. 

From these beginnings The executives in Melbourne worked to open up Scientology offices in other cities around Australia called “City Offices”, notably in Sydney and Perth.

With the formation of the official Melbourne Church Publication, Communication Magazine, the Melbourne Scientology parishioners were united, sparking a huge interest in Scientology all over Victoria and Australia. The fresh, emerging culture of 1950s Australia was wide open for change, and Scientology was at the cutting edge of that change.

A letter from one of the Melbourne Church executives to L. Ron Hubbard on the 14 April 1959 stated, “Perhaps the difference in Aussie is there is a lot of hope and many possibilities of succeeding in the game down here than elsewhere – perhaps – and also no hidebound old culture bogging them down – tradition, etc., (not to pooh-pooh tradition where they are useful and go ahead) but sitting on past glories (and failures) is no good. They don’t do that in Aussie.”

melbournecongress L. Ron Hubbard would later on that year deliver the Special Congress for Australian Scientologists in Melbourne, available today as the Melbourne Congress, a lecture series where he detailed to Australian Scientologists a responsibility they hold to this day as a last safe harbor, and on the subject of Responsibility itself.

No surprise then, that Melbourne Scientologists take that message of community responsibility to heart in the construction of their new centre, so as to carry forth that responsibility in the areas of anti-drug and human rights education, morals, and help for the spirit.


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