Scientology Organizations Around the World

Tour Churches of Scientology Around the World on Google Earth


Front-page news in cities around the world, Churches of Scientology around the world have been opening the doors on fantastic new buildings – gorgeous new churches erected to better service their communities.

And now, for the virtual traveler, you can experience many of these buildings in their local surrounds using the ever-amazing Google Earth.   An intrepid Google SketchUp modeler named “dom” has been modeling a number of these new churches in SketchUp and placing them on Google Earth for you to virtually tour.   Make sure you have Google Earth on your computer, and then check out some of the churches below to see what I mean!

Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, D.C. 

Click the above image to view in Google Earth (KMZ format). Or click here to see the model.

Church of Scientology of Melbourne, Australia

Click to see in Google Earth

Church of Scientology of Moscow

Click to view in Google Earth


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