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San Jose Church of Scientology Re-Opens with High-Tech New Facilities


The Stevens Creek Church of Scientology, which moved into its present building in 2005, recently held a grand re-opening ceremony to rededicate the building and highlight some impressive new improvements to their facilities.   

The Stevens Creek Ideal Org now is a totally state-of-the-art center, with factually impressive spaces designed for presenting fundamentals of the religion to those new to Scientology. Foremost among these features is the Public Information Center—an expansive exhibit of interactive displays containing more than 500 informational video presentations in 17 languages. At the touch of a button, visitors are provided an introduction to the beliefs and practices of Dianetics and Scientology, as well as the life of Founder L. Ron Hubbard. The displays further offer an overview of the many Scientology-sponsored programs for social betterment throughout the world. The Center is open for self-guided tours daily, from morning to night.

The new Chapel hosts all congregational services and a wide range of events in the name of community collaboration—from seminars and workshops to banquets and receptions.

The new Café welcomes those touring the Church or attending our many scheduled events. It is further provided for the convenience of parishioners during breaks in their Scientology services.

The Church also now provides dedicated facilities for the entire range of Dianetics and Scientology Introductory Services. Among those services are evening and weekend seminars centered around books-on-film of Mr. Hubbard’s works. Additional classrooms accommodate a wide array of introductory courses imparting tools to improve any facet of life.

The newly transformed Church further now features dozens of specially appointed rooms providing the ideal setting for Scientology spiritual counseling, known as auditing, and an expanded Church Academy with multiple study rooms for the training of Scientology counselors.

Underscoring the significance of the opening, Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center and ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, led the dedication ceremony. In his address, Mr. Miscavige told the Stevens Creek staff and parishioners:

“By whatever fate or fortune, you are poised to infuse this 21st century with the infinite wisdom of L. Ron Hubbard’s technology. Needless to say, it will require flawless application and dedication. But it will also require full responsibility—responsibility for the visitor one has never met on the highway one has never traveled… all the way out to the last site in a last domain where some lonely soul cries out for help. And only then will you realize the limitless power behind those doors.”

You can visit the new San Jose church here:

1865 Lundy Ave, San Jose, CA 95131

Or contact them on their website.