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At the Grand Opening of the new Church of Scientology National Office in Washington DC!

Scientology National Office in Washington, D.C. Ribbon Cutting

Scientology National Office in DuPont Circle - as the crowd fills in

Update: Full info & press release from the Church is here.   I’ll be doing another follow-up post with more photos and my thoughts from the grand opening. 

More photos and info to follow!

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3 comments on “At the Grand Opening of the new Church of Scientology National Office in Washington DC!

  1. Andrea Masciana
    September 13, 2012

    We did the balloons for the balloon release for this event. I have done 30+ years of events (from small individual/personal/private to corporate & major local/national/international media events)…and I simply would like to acknowledge all those who were involved in creating this event. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) present had a focus of attention to detail with devotion, perfection & love which I, personally, was quite impressed with. What I experienced was everyone truly being in relationship with the overall Vision/Goal, each one’s individual duties/tasks & an awareness of being present to offering assistance graciously to any/all those (in the moment, seemingly effortlessly) around…demonstrating and being in a consciousness of both “the forest & the trees” and thus creating a synergistic collective “being in the flow” experience for all. It was a privilege & joy to be involved in this project with those who conducted themselves in such a sustained heightened state of awareness, purpose & relatedness. I have been one who has been involved a good part of my life in consciousness/spiritual explorations inclusive of being involved in the creation of a # of communities (for which I am deeply grateful) and while up till now I haven’t been drawn to exploring Scientology…I now will begin my exploration (with beginner’s mind) of what this may be about and offer. This is, perhaps my highest compliment to those whom I deeply appreciated this experience with…those who “are in alignment with walking their talk (and since they weren’t talking…in silence, even more impressive)”. Namaste, Andrea

  2. Steve Koplo
    September 13, 2012

    This was a superbly produced event with hundreds of details all seemingly effortless, but obviously planned. One thing about the Church Of Scientology is that whatever they do is done with a high degree of professionalism. Very impressive!

  3. Peter
    September 15, 2012


    I’m proud to see the Grand Opening of the new Church of Scientology National Office in Washington DC! This encouraged me to post this news on my new german Blog

    ARC from Germany

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