Scientology Organizations Around the World

Inside and Outside the Churches of Scientology Around the World

Scientology Bookstores

The following Scientology Organizations have bookstores you can browse in their local languages, so as to get started in Scientology with basic materials, or to find out more in your local area:

Publications Houses & International Organizations:

Bridge Publications – Western Hemisphere, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Japan & Taiwan

New Era Publications – Europe, United Kingdom and North Africa

Scientology Celebrity Centre International Bookstore

Central Scientology Organization Bookstores:

akd alb atl bc
bhm brln bsnd bta
budapest buff bxl ccint
ccnash chi cinn col
ctd dallas dcd detd
dkd durd gatos hbg
itd jbgd kc ldnd
lvd mad man meld
mil mtl mv nh
nyd oc odd pasa
pel phil pord ptld
qbc roma sac sd
sead sfo snc stl
sund sydd tav tcd
tord trn valley vza

Francophone (Français)

Japanese (日本語)

2 comments on “Scientology Bookstores

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  2. Terry E. Scott
    August 20, 2009

    I’d like to buy some books from an org in England.

    Please tellme where and their phone number.



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